About project

Every human being has an intangible component that is the Soul. The true manifestations of the Soul are creative activities for the benefit of all living beings.

SoulEvo is the first Web 3.0 socially-oriented NFT Ecosystem, aimed at improving the World by involving people in social and environmental activities by Help To Earn mechanism, and creation of decentralized SBT-based community to launch large-scale social projects.

It consists of several Units.

Unit 1.

NFT Soul is visualized personal digital soul evolving on the basis of holder’s social activity.

Owning NFT Soul provides unique opportunities to:

⁃ earn money by doing good deeds in real life
⁃ grow the level of NFT, changing its visual
- get rare achievements in form of NFT Artefacts
⁃ get additional rewards for useful activities in tokens
- benefit from regular allocation of rewards from DAO’s Treasury
⁃ launch large social and ecological projects
⁃ participate in DAO decision-making
⁃ become a member of private club
⁃ create own NFT passport of individual experience (SBT)
⁃ get access to future Metaverse

Unit 2.

The SoulEvo Platform is a streaming Help To Earn and Proof-of-Values rationale framework. In this way, Aura Platform enables useful activities and confirms the value system, allowing people to improve the world and earn money.

Unit 3.

SoulEvo Token (SoEvT) is the main ecosystem’s transactional tool, which can be used for:

1. Staking
2. Purchasing of improvements of NFT
3. Opening functions on Aura platform
4. Initiation of projects in DAO
5. Making donations
6. Getting additional rewards from the Reward pool of DAO’s Treasury

Unit 4.

DAO SoulEvo is a system of decentralized decision-making, initiation and implementation of large-scale socially oriented projects that are free of charge for final consumers and all DAO participants.
It provides fair, transparent and efficient allocation of Treasury’s assets to finance large social and ecological projects by decentralized SNT-based decision-making.

Unit 5.

SoulEvo Metaverse Is a space to visualize the manifested and validated value system of NFT Soul Holder as well as to interact at the soul level initiating projects and participating in decision-making in the DAO framework.

How it works?

NFT Soul allows each Holder to develop his NFT and increase it’s rarity by participation in beneficial social and environmental activities on Aura Platform, and/or just holding NFT.

The longer the staking and/or
the more donations an NFT Soul owner has made on Aura platform,
the more options and privileges are available to the оwner.

All information about activity of NFT Soul Holder on Aura platform is fixed on-chain in wrapped nontransferable NFT Aura (SBT).

Data from NFT Soul and NFT Aura is the foundation for many amazing options and benefits in SoulEvo ecosystem.

For example, certain levels of NFT Soul allow users to create their own social projects on Aura platform:

- in three clicks improve the world in the directions of your choice;
- in three clicks engage hundreds of rated performers in these projects;
- in three clicks engage other SoulEvo club members in your project for big donations to performers.

"Deliver food to an orphanage in Latvia, clean up a beach in Bali, help poor children in Africa, take care of stray dogs in India, support lonely veterans in Belarus - anything is possible, just choose!"
- SoulEvo Team.

You can find out more about SoulEvo ecosystem in our White Paper, our lovely Soulmate…



Alex Polyakov

CEO, co-founder.
15 years of business experience

Viktor Nikitenko

Operation, co-founder.
Ph.D., International ecological projects developer

Aleksander Myaskov

Science and sustainable development. Doctor of Economics, Professor, Full member of the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences

Evgeniya Timonova

Adviser. Publicity.
Opinion leader, eco-blogger, founder of the channel “Everything is like animals”

Vera Ershova

Adviser. Strategy.
10 years of experience in corporate strategic management and project marketing

Andrey Logunov

Blockchain Developer, CTO attarius.com,
Founder at AdaptiveStone

Bruno Calabretta

Crypto coach, Founder at Aurora Coaching

Arnold Ong

Product Manager and Adviser of NFT and Web3 Projects, co-founder of Bali Blockchain Community




Who is the project for?

We create SoulEvo for several categories of users:
- people without key competences who need money
- volunteers who can scale their activities
- caring people donating to charity
- people who want to change the world by initiating change in areas that concern them
- volunteering organizations, which easily atrract qualified volunteers
- companies which can confirm their social responsibility

What is SoulEvo Metaverse?

SoulEvo Metaverse is a space without the social masks, prejudices and stereotypes that make it so difficult for people in the real world to better understand and experience each other.
We form a completely different level of interaction between people. It is a level of communication between their souls.

Why NFT Soul will be in demand?

The estimated NFT price growth is ensured by:
- Solving the existing problems of main stakeholders;
- Utility NFT functionality;
- The ability to add value to NFT in H2E format only if NFT are possessed, i.e.
- SoulEvo’s social impact;
- A limited edition size of the NFT Soul collection;
- Increasing the number of new Users of Aura Platform who want to begin the
- The emergence of Users interested in buying advanced NFT immediately and starting to enjoy all the benefits of NFT without having to develop it from scratch themselves;
- Individual Holder’s history in form of NFT Soul Aura, which also stimulates a hold; - Involving new ideologically minded people (including opinion leaders and media celebrities) who share the values of helping people, animals and the planet;
- The possibility to take part in SoulEvo Tokens allocation;
- SoulEvo DAO membership

What is H2E?

We believe that every good deed should be rewarded. It is this law of justice that we decided to implement in our project.
NFT SoulEvo allows each Holder to increase the value of their NFT by participating in beneficial social and environmental activities on Aura Platform, helping people, animals and the environment of planet Earth.
Each beneficial action expressed in the amount of Donation sent develops NFT Soul Aura.

When reaching Aura values set, NFT Soul receives an upgrade and visual customization, unlocking new options and gaining a new Meta Soul visualization in SoulEvo Meta Universe.