Aura - improve the world together!

4 project basic goals:

1. To give all people in need a chance to earn money and benefit the environment, others and animals.
2. To support financially volunteers, who already serve the society and nature in different spheres of life.
3. To provide people with full-scale instrument in protection of the environment, care for animals, orphanages and in other issues that benefit the poor and take care for the environment.
4. To involve people in volunteering by donating on areas they care about. To make the money flow fully transparent and get people assured their commitment benefits right here, right now.

How it works?

On the AURA platform some people (Streamers) benefit the world themselves and others (Viewers) help them by donating!

1. Need money? - Help and get it (Register as a Streamer).
2. Are you a volunteer (Help people, animals, the planet)? - Show it to the whole world and get money for your deals (Register as a Streamer).
3. Want to support financially? - Spend your money on benefit for people, animals and the planet watching in real time how your help changes the world (Register as a Viewer).

Our goal is to let some people (Streamers) earn money by involving them in beneficial activities!

To let others (Viewers) participate in charity transparently, watching in real time how their commitment is changing the world!

In our project Streamers can:
- help children;
- help the elders;
- help the disabled;
- help the deprived;
- help veterans;
- help animals;
- clean up trash;
- plant;
- fix and repair sth;
- and much more...

Viewers can watch Streamings in real time (in records as well) and send money to Streamers for their activities!


If you're a Streamer, start streaming, and show how you help the planet or people in real time.

Do it well, try hard, make a real difference!

Then a Viewer will thank you and send you money !

If you are a Viewer, go through the streamings list, choose your favourite ones, open them and watch what a Streamer is doing. If you want to support him and the activity he is doing, send him money!