Metaverse SoulEvo

"SoulEvo Metaverse is a space without social disguises, prejudices and stereotypes
that make it so difficult for people in the real world to understand and feel each other.
We form a completely different level of interaction between people. It's a level of
communication between their Souls".

- CEO "SoulEvo"

Each NFT Soul visualized as Meta Soul reflects the degree of involvement of the
individual in good deeds, thereby manifesting his or her true value system and
level of empathy.

The strength and brilliance of Meta Soul Aura's glow and their shape allows other
Users to intuitively understand the true essence of a person's soul, regardless of
their physical appearance, age, colour or social status in the real world.
Access to Metaverse SoulEvo is via Aura platform.

Visually Metaverse looks like space that is a vast area that contains the cosmic
bodies that are Meta Souls of NFT Soul Holders, who have their own unique aura,
size, colour, shape, glow, name and other characteristics.
It's Metaverse where Users can see each other's souls and interact.

Meta Soul Visualization in Metaverse

The generative algorithm that creates NFT Soul uses several individual User
parameters that User indicates in his Personal Profile at Aura platform.
Each NFT’s Aura changes dynamically and acquires new appearances (size,
brightness, colour) depending on the amount of benefit expressed in the amount
of Donation, as well as on the timing of NFT Staking.
As NFT is developed and visually customized, the individual Aura is retained and
continues to accumulate through User’s activity.

When NFT is sold the Aura disappears, as its level accumulated by NFT Holder
reflects the amount of participation in good deeds of that particular Holder. That
is NFT Soul's Aura is an individual indicator of that soul.
NFT holders who carry out the organic evolutionary development of NFT
accumulate their Aura, forming a unique glow of their Meta Soul in SoulEvo
Metaverse. In this way they acquire the previously inaccessible opportunity to
show their true essence to the world.
Secondary market NFT buyers have a minimal Aura, as the Aura depends on the
amount of funds flowing through the platform Aura. However, they can
accumulate Aura through Staking and/or Donation.
This logic allows for the fairest and transparent identification of a person's
essence in the form of his Meta Soul.
Thus, each visualized Meta Soul in Metaverse is a direct reflection of the size of
that soul's real contribution to the betterment of the world.